Bamboo laths are not only a natural decoration of your interior, but above all, they provide soundproof walls and finer room acoustic.

easy installation

You can install the laths on your own. The only things you need are glue and an assembly belt. One side of the lath isn’t covered with oil to ensure maximum adhesion abilities. All you need to do is to cover the plain side with glue and stick it to the prepared wall. So simple!

advantages of laths

  • Easy and non-invasive installation (using adhesive)

  • Better room acoustic

  • You can always order more custom-fit laths

  • Very hard, high-quality material (bamboo wood)

  • Modern and fashionable design

  • Suitable for many interiors: home, workspace, hotels, or restaurants.

  • It’s also possible to screw the lath to a laminated board and install both on the wall.

available sizes

length: 300cm

width: 4cm

thickness: 4cm

length: 300cm

width: 10cm

thickness: 2cm

available colors

Bamboo wood is a perfect substitute for traditional wood. It’s durable, hard, and at the same time eye-catching and completely safe for users.

natur (type: vertical)

caramel (type: vertical)

Do you know that…

Our plywoods are high-quality products imported from our Chinese partner – a sustainable plantation we’ve cooperated with years long. They are available in our store in various colors: natur, caramel, chocolate, tiger, and cortado. These charming shadings are obtained by the process of sugar caramelization contained in bamboo fibers. This completely natural way of wood staining, makes the plywood change its color in its whole volume (not only on the surface).

how to order?


First of all, measure the wall surface you would like to cover with the laths. Remember to take into account vacant spaces between the laths. If you would like to have smaller laths – tell us and we will cut it right within the needed size.


If you need other sizes of the laths than the ones in our offer, fill in the order form below. For cost estimation we need the following information:

  • what type of laths you choose
  • what colour
  • how many pieces


When your order is ready for shipment or to pick up, we will contact you as soon as possible. The average time for order realization is about 10 working days. Remember: you need assembly tape and adhesive to install the laths.

Fill in our short order form – it will help you describe your dream project of your wall.

Choose decorative elements, which will give you certain satisfaction. We create bamboo laths, which not only look attractive in any kind of interior: dining rooms, bedrooms, halls, etc. but also are reliable soundproof material. You can use them in a detached house as well as in your flat. If you live in a block of flats, you know for sure how disturbing your neighbors can be. The bamboo wall laths are perfect for making the interior soundproof and enable you to enjoy peaceful mornings, relaxing afternoons, and well-slept nights.

Bamboo wall laths

For our wall laths, we use exotic material, which is marked by its exceptional hardness and endurance. Moreover, bamboo is also light and flexible. Thanks to that property it is the perfect material for carpenters and any amateur woodcarver. Our workshop yields genuine artworks – elements of furniture perfect either for modern and classical interiors. Check how our wooden laths present on your walls – we can guarantee they will give your interior exceptional character and authenticity.

Wooden wall laths – is it worth it?

Bamboo laths make an interior warm and cozy. They can play a contrasting role within large interior spaces arranged in Scandinavian or industrial style. But this is only one possible composition. Our bamboo elements – what is quite surprising for exotic wood – are extremely universal material and look perfectly also within more classical and traditional designs.

On the bamboo laths, you can easily hang various decorations as family photographs and any kind of graphics. The warm wooden surface and its light brown color is a perfect background for other elements of furniture accenting their significance, e.g. your decorative sofa in your living room or your comfy bed in your bedroom.

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