High-quality collection of fronts, adjusted to any kind of kitchen modules, is available in various colours. All of them were carved by hand in our workshop from the finest, ecological wood.

Kitchen cabinets and countertop made from vertical caramel bamboo.

examplary models of the doors





colours available

We can offer bamboo wood in various colours: vertical bamboo is available in natur and caramel, while strand-woven bamboo in natur, caramel, chocolate, tiger and cortado.

natur (type: vertical)

caramel (type: vertical)

Darker colors of wood are obtained in a completely natural way. During thermal processing sugar contained in bamboo fibres starts to carmelize. The longer it is treated with high temperature, the darker it becomes. Thanks to heat treatment bamboo plywood.

natur (type: strand-woven)

caramel (type: strand-woven)

chocolate (type: strand-woven)

tiger (type: strand-woven)

cortado (type: strand-woven)

Bamboo means natural. Each plywood then can slightly differ both in its structure and colour. It consists of numerous slats compressed together – each of the slats of thousands of strands. That’s why it has such a non-uniform, organic structure – and this is what makes the material exceptional.
For the same reason plywood colours presented on our website have only illustrative purpose. If you would like to make sure the colour suits you, please, check our samples before you make the order. For that purpose you can visit our office or order the sample via our online shop.

Minimalistic kitchen designed by Anna Hartnett.

how to order?

We encourage you to visit the nearest IKEA store or to use special program for designing a kitchen. IKEA advisors can help you to draw and order kitchen modules for your dream kitchen. In case you already have your kitchen and you want to change the fronts only – send us their sizes.

When you already choose the final project of your kitchen, send us your drawing generated by IKEA configurator. Please include information about the model of your fronts, their colour, finishing and also about your preference for the bamboo slats arrangement (vertical or horizontal). In response to your email you will receive detailed cost estimation. Of course, if there is no need for a drawing, you can send us only the size of the fronts.

We will contact you as soon as your order is ready for shipment. The average time for order realization is about 15 working days. When you receive your fronts, the only thing you need to do is installation. Don’t panic – it’s very easy! Our fronts have already cutters prepared for hinges, so all equipment you need is a screwdriver or a screw gun.

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