bamboo wood

We’ve been distributing certified bamboo wood since 2012. Our company offers a wide range of natural plywoods in different sizes, colours, thickness and hardness. The majority of our assortment is available off the shelf. Thanks to our long lasting cooperation with our business partner in China we can easily fulfil large orders in a relatively short period of time – with our guarantee of high quality.

elements of interior furnishings

Custom-made elements of interior furnishings is our specialization. Among plenty of woodworks made for individual clients we can mention: worktops, tabletops, windowsills, treadboars and risers, cabinet doors, skirting boards, laths and many more.

public space fit-out

Cooperating with various architects and designers we produce elements for  outfittings of public spaces, offices, coworkings, shops, restaurants, or cafés. Find out more information about our offer for major investments.

ecofriendly furniture

Our passion for minimalistic and simple design drove us to create our own line of bamboo furniture and accessories either for home or office. Among our branded products you can find e.g. ready-made desktops and tabletops, shelves and desks with automatic height regulation.

Please, fill in our short quotation form. It will make describing your project much easier. You don’t need technical drawings, just give us dimensions or send a freehand drawing later (that’s all!).

about us

We are a family enterprise, which has been on the market since 2012. Our main goal is to make bamboo wood the primary ecological substitute for less environment-friendly wood or even for plastic materials and metals. We do care both for our clients and our environment, and we want to respond to their needs providing high-quality services with solid, ecological material.

We chose bamboo because we care.
About our planet, our environment, future generations, our health. By choosing bamboo you care as well.

why bamboo?


While growing bamboo absorbs much more CO2 than it is used during its manufacturing and transportation cycle. Moreover, it can produce about 35% more oxygen than the vast majority of deciduous trees!


Bamboo wood is ready for harvest after 4 years since planting - it is about 8 times faster than wood from the traditional sources. Despite its expansive character it doesn’t sterilise ground on which it grows - but the contrary: bamboo improves quality of the soil.


Although standard bamboo wood (i.e. vertical) has similar features to oak wood, strand-woven bamboo is even 2,5 times harder. Such outstanding parameters place it right on the top of Janka’s hardness scale.

our customer’s reviews

Robert D.

[…] Our kitchen is ready, but still we have ideas for other bamboo touches. For sure we are calling ZORIA company and Mr. Marek. We can recommend wholeheartedly top-class material and such a pleasing service.

Natalia D.

We ordered a counter for our bathroom cabinet. Level of the service and quality of the material surpassed our expectations. Mr. Marek comprehensively explained the differences between finishes, the counter fits perfectly, so nice and sended on time (the parcel secured very well). We will engage ZORIA’s services for sure!

Magda N.

Absolutely brilliant company! Fantastic customer service and equally amazing product. I’ll be using it for any kind of interior and I recommend anybody who needs elegant and functional wood or furniture.

Andrzej M.

If bamboo – only from Zoria! The product is top-shelf, service and client approach – professional. STRONGLY recommended!

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