We have the widest choice of selected certified bamboo wood available both in retail and in wholesale.

Only recently bamboo wood captured European furniture market as an ecological substitute for traditional wood. Bamboo wood is all-purpose material: it can be used for fronts, counters (countertops, tabletops, worktops), windowsills, stairs, floorboards, wall or ceiling panels.

ZORIA bamboo plywoods are available in many variants diversified in regards to its size, thickness, colour, configuration of layers or type of bamboo.

Material we use for our plywoods is certified with FSC and sourced in controlled plantations in Middle China.

All our products have E1 or E0 standard of formaldehyde emission. It means they are entirely safe and discharge little amount of formaldehyde. Thanks to that our wood is perfect for food-purpose products.

fast order fulfillment

We offer a wide range of single and multi-layer plywoods available in various colours, sizes and thickness. All of them are made 100% of natural bamboo wood. We can fulfill either individual or commercial orders, or import any type of bamboo plywood in bulk on our customer’s request.
If products ordered are in stock, we realize your request within 1-3 workdays.

types of bamboo plywood

single-layer plywoods

Single-layer plywoods are made by glueing up and compressing bamboo slats – horizontally, vertically or by interweaving. They are used as surface layers of other boards, panels (for walls, ceilings etc.) or as material for accessories. We offer single-layer panels as thin as 2mm up to 18mm.

multi-layer plywoods

Multi-layer plywoods are made by joining several single-layer plywoods. Thanks to perpendicular arrangement of layers (horizontal and vertical by turns) multi-layer plywoods contract and bulge much less than other kinds of solid wood, what makes them highly durable material. This type of plywood is widely used for counters, furniture, doors, windowsills, stairs and such like. We offer plywoods from 8mm up to 40mm thick.

types of bamboo wood

vertical bamboo

Vertical bamboo is the most popular bamboo wood on the market. It is produced by glueing up and compressing bamboo slats side by side. Regarding its technical features it is comparable with oak wood – its hardness can reach 38MPa.

strand-woven bamboo

Strand-woven bamboo is one of the hardest wood in the world. It is made by compressing interwoven bamboo strands in high temperature and pressure. As a result of this process you get a very smooth surface without any visible vertical lines, so in fact it looks like other kinds of hardwood.

colours available

We can offer bamboo wood in various colours: vertical bamboo is available in natur and caramel, while strand-woven bamboo in natur, caramel, chocolate, tiger and cortado.

natur (type: vertical)

caramel (type: vertical)

Darker colors of wood are obtained in a completely natural way. During thermal processing sugar contained in bamboo fibres starts to carmelize. The longer it is treated with high temperature, the darker it becomes. Thanks to heat treatment bamboo plywood.

natur (type: strand-woven)

caramel (type: strand-woven)

chocolate (type: strand-woven)

tiger (type: strand-woven)

cortado (type: strand-woven)

Bamboo means natural. Each plywood then can slightly differ both in its structure and colour. It consists of numerous slats compressed together - each of the slats of thousands of strands. That’s why it has such a non-uniform, organic structure - and this is what makes the material exceptional.
For the same reason plywood colours presented on our website have only illustrative purpose. If you would like to make sure the colour suits you, please, check our samples before you make the order. For that purpose you can visit our office or order the sample via our online shop.

available dimensions, thickness & colours of bamboo plywoods

Wood typeBoard typeColorLayers num.Thickness available immediatelyBoard dimensions
verticalsingle-plynatur12mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 14mm, 18mm2440x1220mm
verticalsingle-plycaramel12mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 14mm, 18mm2440x1220mm
strand wovensingle-plynatur13mm, 6mm2440x1220mm
strand wovensingle-plycaramel13mm, 6mm2440x1220mm
strand wovensingle-plytiger13mm, 6mm2440x1220mm
strand wovensingle-plychocolate13mm, 6mm2440x1220mm
verticalmulti-plynatur35mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm2440x1220mm
verticalmulti-plycaramel35mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm2440x1220mm
strand wovenmulti-plynatur38mm, 20mm2440x1220mm
strand wovenmulti-plycaramel38mm, 20mm2440x1220mm
strand wovenmulti-plytiger38mm, 20mm2440x1220mm
strand wovenmulti-plychocolate38mm, 20mm2440x1220mm
verticalmulti-plynatur325mm, 30mm2440x700mm
verticalmulti-plycaramel325mm, 30mm2440x700mm
verticalmulti-plynatur535mm, 40mm2440x700mm
verticalmulti-plycaramel535mm, 40mm2440x700mm

Most of our products are available offhand. We guarantee high-quality material and a wide range of plywoods regarding thickness, size, colour and number of layers.

technical characteristic

  • Density (external layer): +/- 650 kg/m3 (vertical), +/- 1050 kg/m3 (strand-woven)
  • Humidity: 8-12%
  • Hardness (Janka’s scale): +/- 38MPa (vertical), +/- 109MPa (strand-woven)
  • Denting resistance (Brinell’s scale, EN 1534): ≥ 4 kg/mm2 (vertical), ≥ 9 kg/mm2 (strand-woven)
  • Formaldehyde emission (EN 717-1): E1 class (< 0.124 mg/m3)
  • Glue classification (EN 204): D1 class
  • Fire classification (EN 13501-1): D-s1-d0 class (tested by producent on a 40mm plywood)
  • Use class (EN 335): 1. class Material:
  • FSC certificate (FSC-C130822)

usage & storage

  • Recommended room conditions: approx. 21 ° C. Air humidity 40-65%.
  • All 1-ply panels should be firmly attached or supported by a carrier material after installation to avoid bending.
  • The inner layers of the multi-layer panels are made of many bamboo slats which can create small voids / cavities in these
    layers. This is the nature of the bamboo slats. If, after cutting the board, the gaps are visible on its side, we recommend filling them with special wood filler and then sanding.
  • Bamboo panels are a 100% natural material, therefore the surface of the boards may be slightly different.
  • Bamboo is also wood (expertise of the Wood Technology Institute,Poznań, Poland, from June 25, 2010), therefore each panel should be properly treated and secured with oils, waxes or varnishes, so that it does not crack under the influence of external factors over time. Bamboo boards can be protected with the same means as wood (oils, varnishes, waxes).
  • Varnishing: all types of varnish designed for wood can be used. Dispersion varnishes can cause the bamboo microfibers to rise slightly above the surface. It usually happens when applying the first layer. After sanding thoroughly and applying a second coat, the surface will be smooth again.
  • Oiling: we recommend applying the oil very thinly. As bamboo is very dense, the oil absorbs slowly, so too thick layer of an oil can lead to gloss variations and long drying time. We recommend using at least 2 layers of oil.
  • Pressing the 1-ply panels to a non-bamboo core: the amount of glue and the pressing method depend on the absorption of the supporting panel. Cold pressing systems are usually used for 1-ply panels and hot pressing systems for veneers. The recommended type of glue for pressing bamboo panels: PVAC with a low water content or PU glue. Flexible adhesives are not recommended. Recommended veneer pressing adhesive: urea formaldehyde or PVAC adhesives (both hot pressed).

why bamboo?

Bamboo isn’t only beautiful and resistant material for furniture and interior – it is a sustainable choice as well. Bamboo, which in fact is a species of grass, grows much faster than trees – even up to one meter per day! It means that bamboo is ready for harvest after 4-6 years – much less than trees which need about 50 years, and that’s all without any pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Moreover, during its growth bamboo absorbs more CO2 than it has been emitted during its whole production and transportation cycle. It means that bamboo is neutral regarding emission during its whole life cycle.
We use only bamboo which grows on certified plantations. Thanks to that we can be sure that our wood is not only sustainable, but also responsible product.

our value promise

Since 2012 we have cooperated with our partner in China – a manufactory producing bamboo plywoods of the highest quality. All our plywoods are distinguished by its low formaldehyde emission (A0-A1 class) and FSC certificate.

We are able to fulfill any order. From minor commissions (you can order even a quarter of plywood from us) to bulk orders and special-ordered commissions. Every client can count on our personal approach.

We are conscious that bamboo is still quite new material. So if you have any doubts, feel free to ask! We are here to provide you not only solid material, but also reliable information. Call us or contact via email – we will answer any question.

Most of our products are in stock, thanks to that we can fulfill your order even from one working day (seven working days is maximum). And we can send it wherever you want on EU territory.

You don’t know if bamboo wood is the right material for your project? Order a set of samples and we will send it within 24h. (Samples available in A6 or A4 format.)

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If you have doubts, can’t make a decision and need advice – contact us! We are waiting to answer any question you have!

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