electric standing desk with height adjustment

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Probably you spend most of your day deskbound. We have an offer which can unbind your working experience. Our desk frame due to its telescopic cross rail is compatible with any size of the desktop – even 2 meters long and 1 meter deep fits easily within our frame. But the most important feature is its height regulation: it can be lifted at 128 cm height. And what makes regulation much more comfortable: you can save in the control panel’s memory 4 different height levels you usually work on.
The desk frame is available in two different colors: black and white.

Adjust the height to your needs. The desk can lift even at 128cm. Due to its control panel with memory function, you can make regulation easier by setting 4 standard levels of the desk.

Discover start & stop system, which makes the desk moving extremely smoothly at 38mm/s speed. While changing the height you don’t need to jump up for your coffee left on the desk – everything is safe and stable.

Thanks to the reinforced construction of telescopic cross rail and three-columned structure of table legs the desk is stable and, contrary to the two-columned model, it doesn’t wobble while working on a high level.

The desk is equipped with an intelligent sensor with an anti-collision system which prevents overbalance and falling down while automatic lowering. The desk stops immediately when it meets some obstacle.

Two independent engines are able to lift up even up to 100 kg weight and guarantee a much lower risk of failure than single-engine models. Although having high power, they work very quietly with 45dm sound emission.

We are sure about the quality of our frames and that’s why we offer a 2 years guarantee for the frames, engines, and electronics. During the period of the guarantee, we immediately replace the faulty element entirely at our cost.

frame in black

frame in white

ecological bamboo desktops

Made from 100% natural and ecological bamboo wood, which is stained by the completely natural caramelization process. Our desktops are covered with natural wood oil. The size of the desktop can be adjusted to your needs. There is also an option of cutting a cable-hole or, in fact, any other personalization of the desktop.

available colors

In our offer, you can find two kinds of bamboo wood: vertical and strand-woven available in various colors: natur, caramel, chocolate, tiger, and cortado.

natur (type: vertical)

caramel (type: vertical)

Do you know that…

The types of wood differ in hardness and appearance. Staining the bamboo wood is a completely natural process of sugar caramelization contained in bamboo fibers. The wood treated with high temperature becomes darker. The slats change their color at whole its volume, contrary to other wooden planks, which are stained only on the surface. Our single and multilayer plywoods are made from certified wood.

natur (type: strand-woven)

caramel (type: strand-woven)

chocolate (type: strand-woven)

tiger (type: strand-woven)

cortado (type: strand-woven)

A desk is must-be furniture in every office interior. But nowadays, we often need to work from home. Our bamboo standing desk suits perfectly also within other, more cozy, and homelike interiors. If you work from home and need comfortable and ergonomic work furniture, check bamboo desks in your offer.

Bamboo desk for every interior

What distinguishes our bamboo desk above all is its high quality. Moreover, bamboo is eye-catching material, which presents itself beautifully in every interior. Natural and durable desktop is at the same time reliable furniture for your office and an esthetical addition to your home. We also offer a bamboo desk with height regulation – perfect for standing working

Electric desks enable either sitting or standing work. Changing the position while working for long hours is vital for your spine. It also helps to minimize fatigue and increase creativity.

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Advantages of standing up work:

  • while standing you burn more calories 
  • standing position has a much better impact on your spine than sedentary position
  • better blood circulation
  • faster and more effective performance
  • better focus and lesser weariness during working hours
  • higher creativity 

How to choose your standing work desk?

Ergonomy is extremely important. In fact, it is all about adjusting your working space and equipment for your own predispositions. If you have already decided to buy a desk for standing work, make sure it has height regulation before you’ve made a purchase. Due to this feature, you will be able to adjust the desk to your height – which is of great importance if you are planning to spend long hours working. Remember it will have an impact not only on your comfort but first of all on your health. In our offer, you can find high-quality bamboo desks with an electric regulation system, which enables safe and easy change of height level.

Electric desks in our offer

If you are looking for exceptional work furniture, a bamboo desk is a perfect choice. The wide range of desktop colors and sizes we offer enables you to choose a customized and well-suited product.