standing desks

Probably you spend most of your day deskbound. Why not give yourself a small gift making this time more pleasant and, even more importantly, healthier. Changes of position during work tend to make people more effective while enabling you to burn more calories and keep you back pain-free — aren’t they nice side effects?

cabinet doors

Hand-made cabinet doors made of ecological bamboo wood are a perfect way to make your kitchen looks classy. No matter if you want to change your old doors, or designing a new kitchen from a scratch — we have you covered.

counters and shelves

Counters and shelves made of bamboo wood are more sturdy and easier to maintain in good condition than their hardwood counterparts.  If introduced into your kitchen, they might be a perfect first step down the road to environment-friendly interior solutions.

ceiling and wall laths

Bamboo laths are thin, evenly spaced slats assemblies that work perfectly as walls or ceiling decoration elements. They will help bring some temper and modernity to your interior while maintaining a peaceful coziness of a place.

made to measure

if you need counters, cabinet doors, laths, stair treads, partitions, or anything bamboo, made specifically for you, just give us a call — we’ll be happy to prepare you an individual offer

individual cost estimate