Kitchen is a significant place in your home: not only for preparing meals, but very often it is the most popular space for guest gatherings during parties. The best discussions and the funniest chats always take place in the kitchen. It is one of the most representative rooms in your house and that’s why it needs to be not only functional, but also attractive and tasteful. Bamboo counters combine these two kinds of features. Its extremely hardness and elegant appearance make it probably the best solution for your kitchen.

strand-woven bamboo, chocolate color

vertical bamboo, caramel color

Bamboo wood – why so phenomenal?

Strand-woven bamboo has recently become extremely popular material. Bamboo is considered to be one of the fastest growing plant in the world. Its lignified stems are used for many different products from kitchen accessories to road noise barriers. It is valued for its high efficiency and endurance – thanks to that the products can be used for a long time. The bamboo counters are marked by their exceptional durability (bamboo is among the hardest kinds of wood) and crack resistance.
The hardest type of bamboo wood is strand-woven bamboo. Its hardness comes to about 109MPa (for comparison: vertical bamboo – 38MPa and oak wood – 36MPa). Moreover, bamboo is extremely resistant to humidity what makes it perfect wood for kitchens. It’s also worth noting here that the bamboo wood doesn’t cause allergic reactions – thanks to that it can have contact with food.

Bamboo counter – a tasteful kitchen finishing

The bamboo wood, beside its practical aspect, has also many esthetical advantages. First of all, bamboo counters are universal and suit any style of kitchen. It is available in many different colours. In its natural version bamboo wood has bright, straw colour. If you need a darker one, you can use naturally stained (by process of caramelization) bamboo which has an amber-like colour. An interesting alternative is also the counter in the tigerish version: it has dark and light elements arranged by turns.

Maintenance of a bamboo counter

Maintenance of a bamboo counter is the same as with other kinds of wooden products. It’s good to wipe it with a cloth dampened with water and dishwashing liquid – scrubbing or using strong detergents isn’t advisable. Of course impregnating is obligatory – it guarantees that your counter will be safe from staining and the influence of moisture. For that purpose oil and varnish are most often used. The former is absorbed by whole wood, what accents the rings and natural character of the wood, but at the same time it makes the counter a bit darker. Varnish instead creates a surface layer and doesn’t change the colour. So if you would like to preserve the colour of the raw wood – varnish will do better. It’s also important here to touch on repairing possible cracks and scrapings: in case of oil you can repair it locally, varnish instead needs to be rubbed out completely and then the whole bamboo surface should be covered with a new layer.

Bamboo kitchen counters – an exotic breath in your kitchen

Are you looking for an alternative for other than domestic kinds of wood? Do you want to create exceptional, oriental air in your kitchen? Then a bamboo counter is something for you. The bamboo counters are an ecological solution which combine unique design, high quality and strong utilization resistance. Various colours of the material and its plain texture make the bamboo counters perfect kitchen furnituring.